Little waves … almost like being in California! … not

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this is where I love being

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a friend was talking about his new relationship


One of our friends was taking about his new ‘complicated’ relationship. It’s always interesting to listen to men talking openly and honestly about relationship and sex (course better after they have a martini in them…lol).


He’s 6’4 and 240 lbs of stud. She’s a petite little thing that’s like 5’2 or so.


He was talking about how he feels when he’s around her, how he’s drawn to her and it always seems whenever they are alone, they are naked within two seconds.



I don’t know how it happens but whenever we hug my hand always ends up under her skirt and her panties are wet. they never stay on long. When I feel her, she’s so tight. I still remember the first time I slipped my finger inside her. Its been years since I felt someone grip me like she did. She was so tight I feared that I was going to hurt her. We kissed for a long time. Her hips were moving as if she was begging for me. I wasn’t sure if I should do it, but lust was in control. slipping a second finger in, I felt something that I only thought happened in penthouse letters. I swear that I felt her opening up!


So course I was interesting in his story…but I just don’t know if I could use language like that or describe sex that way. “opening up” hum….


Anyway, listening to him talk reminds me a lot of when hubby and I were new. The chemistry was explosive and addictive. Not sure if everyone has had something like this, where you can’t control yourself and when the other person is around you…your body just responds in dangerous and embarrassing ways

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is the great recession over?

I’m shocked by the number of tourist and snowbirds back in Florida. Is the great recession finally over?

Yesterday, it was a dumbass boat parade as tourist with no boating experience and beer … well it doesn’t make for a fun time. If only it were legal to torpedo dangerous dumbasses on the water!

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Family – wishing for a divorce

Once again, my SIL comes down and is a complete train wreck. She doesn’t plan and acts like nothing is wrong…needless to say almost everyone is uncomfortable as my hubby is popping off at her.

Its hard to keep my mouth shut cuz after a week with her, well I’m on my last nerve. She doesn’t plan ahead, its scattered, always late, never thinks about how her actions are causing problems for others and is just one selfish self centered bitch….oh yeah and she wants us to “invest” in her latest venture.

I’m sorry, but you just lost your house there is no way we would ever give you a dime. its one thing to mooch a free weeks vacation…I hope she found a ride to the airport…

Example today, we were scheduled to leave on the 11:30 ferry…course she wasn’t ready. God only knows what the hell she was doing…then acts all surprised when the boat leaves with out us. So we catch the next ferry…2 hours later….meaning hubby is eyes can burn steel as he’s so fuming….and SIL is bouncing around like a ball…so we finally get to the other side and she is surprised when hubby gets our car as its small and we can’t fit her, her new boyfriend, her 28 year old son with his girlfriend and 3 year old. hubby course pops off, “Which hotel are you staying at and how are you getting there?”

she comes back with “thought we could stay at your house.”


so we had to make two trips. its one thing to put two more hours on our car making an addition trip home-marina-home…and I’m sure she will not offer to pay fro gas or anything…

her son picked up on the tension and its just getting ugly….

How do people get to be such users? how do they think this is right?

more importantly, how can I put this into a fiction character in a book. Real life is the best place to get ideas for fiction

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would you forgive a character?

Would you forgive a character for having an affair? Really?!?


Now, assume you said yes….what if that character was female? Is there a double standard?  What about a double standard in fiction?


Before you judge….


What if her goal IS to get caught, as she knows her husband would never leave her….as “she” is his property and regardless of the fact that hubby has been caught four times with other women.


When is enough? What if she can’t leave him…and this is the only way…


Fictional drama, yes?!?

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Something you should know about me

I have no idea how talking about politics has become so nasty.

Why or how did talking about politics become so dangerous? God forbid you say something as simple as “I’m not a fan of Obama” and people will call you either a racist or try to physically assault you.

I don’t see what the big deal if someone is Red or Blue as long as they are pro American and Pro Capitalism. Just to kept this short, by no means do I support a system where we do not help those who are struggling; however, welfare and other entitlements should never be a career option. Safety nets are great and I support them, but we’ve gone so far left in this that even I have family members who use entitlements as “career” options as they can make almost the same amount of money by taking cash jobs and entitlements. If you are unable work, fine. Society should support you. If you chose not to work (you are on your own).

On the flip side, I’m not one to give something out for free. The proverb, “better to teach someone to fish, then give them McFish Sandwiches…..” yeah, I realize that this is more expensive but wouldn’t you rather help a family move up in life then stay in what I call “slavery”?

Just to be clear, I’m very anti government and outside of military feel that we have way to many people in government…and way too many people that are just putting his or her time in so that they can collect a pension. This is wrong, and pisses me off when I pay my property taxes…income taxes.

My last blurt, is there still a middle class? While pro obama people are shouting about how well the stock market is doing, but who is benefiting from this? Are you? I’m not?!?

Sadly, I think Obama has destroyed the middle class and now we have the wealthy getting wealthier, and everyone else struggling to make ends meet.

Post or email me if you agree or not agree. If we talk on the phone, I never raise my voice over such silly things like all my silly words above. My point, talk not bitch. Tell me how you feel, not demand I need to be like you and support your views. Different people with different ideas, different histories, different views make for a better America.

Hopefully, winds of change will come and America will have better days ahead of her!

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