Saying/questions – a gripe

One of my biggest irritations is when one of my family members (both in-laws & out-laws) someone starts off by saying, “I know you’re busy but…” Immediately I brace myself for what they are about to ask me or want from me.

This time of year is hard as northern family members want to escape winter down here. Its fine but one thing that they don’t seem to understand is that we are not on vacation. When they come in at 3 am after a night out and stumble all over the place, well that wakes us up (well wakes the dogs up and the barking wakes me up). No matter how many times I tell them, it just doesn’t sink in. We are almost at the point where no family members will be allowed to stay with us, and maybe the next house might be 10,000 sq feet, but the house will only have one bedroom.

Anyway I’m moaning here to avoid a family fight, this way I get it off my chest and not hurt any feelings.


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2 Responses to Saying/questions – a gripe

  1. Faith says:

    You have every right to limit who stays at your house. I would sit down and explain to anyone staying that “these are the house rules”. And lay down your expectations. If they can’t adhere to them then they will be needing to find a hotel for their next visit. They’ll get over their hard feelings or they will change, but in the end you will get the peace and quiet that you desire and deserve…

    • jeninflorida says:

      I hate being “the bitch” of the family, and will start kicking some butt. They forget that hubby and I are not on vacation and when they stumble in at 3am and wake us up, its not good.

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