Taking criticism from others

Okay maybe not from others but from In-laws, or as I prefer to call them Out-Laws. It drives me nuts at times. Last week I almost lost it a couple times with them. My MIL was having issues with what we eat for dinner during the week. She is part French and everything has to be this major production. I told her to have at it make what ever you want cuz if its up to me it’s something quick and easy. Well, she just couldn’t understand that nor could she understand how anyone could eat that way.

Well its simple, you’ve never had a f’ing job in your life.

Well that is what I screamed, in my head, but told her she is in charge of meals. And who wants heavy French food every night? Some nights, I could eat a salad…or something as simple as eggs and toast. We work 8-12 hour days, who has time to freaking cook?

I know she’s older, but she’s so clueless and has lived this sheltered life, at times I just want to bring her back into reality. But, what’s the point.

Why is it that people try to change others? so I don’t like what you like….why must you try and change me?


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One Response to Taking criticism from others

  1. Phil McCafferty says:

    The picture you had of yourself is beautiful and you ass is not too big. I wish I could hold it and kiss it. I am in California and would love to chat with you. I think we could enjoy it.
    Take care, love Phil

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