VCR, Movie Rental Store, Book Store

Just a random thought but when think about the changes we have enjoyed these past 20 years. Cable tv (although the cable companies over charge), remotes, a phone that isn’t connected to the wall, movies & cd’s that we download…this and that.

kids growing up today will never know what a book store is, what a music store is, what a movie rental store looked like, how to have a phone conversation (they will be texters), mail (who writes a letter these days), email (kids would rather text), this and that.

so many changes, are they good or bad?


oh, how I miss our old Bookstore where I could sit down read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee, and some people sang songs, or shared their poetry.


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One Response to VCR, Movie Rental Store, Book Store

  1. Berdell says:

    Personally, I think they’re ‘BAD’. But –than–I’m ‘old school’ and somewhat ‘electronically’ challenged. I tend to express myself–or try to–in full/complete sentences, sans abreviations. Thats the way I was taught in school. However, changes are reflected by society all over the world. It is what it is. Some of us change–completely, or partially–and live relatively ‘happy ever after’.

    I don’t want to sound–or seem–‘diabolical’, but the end choices are either adjust, accept, die, disappear, become homeless or a philosopher, join and buy an ipad, Blackberry, or 4G. Remember, all is not lost. Growth not only produces change, but demands it! That’s my 2-ccents.

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