what pisses me off – Stay tune to this RL story!!!!

So, as some of you know I got a little shocker last week. Last week started what I thought was a job, only on the first day they 1099’d me. Okay, I could live with that and would enjoy the flexibility of being a contact worker. Then they told me to be at the office from 9-5. WTF? Hello? I don’t think they understood what contact “employment” meant.

So we got off to a rocky start.

Next shocker was when there was a clause in the contact about “insurance” and “liability” and they didn’t understand why I wouldn’t sign the contact. Hello?!?! They said, “that part of the contact doesn’t pertain to you.”

I watched their body language and thought okay great, I thought and crossed that part out and gave them a smirk. “Then we can remove it.”

Well, they were taken back by that.

So off we went, round and round on this part. Tension building….(like a man eating too many bratwurst and chugging beer) I stayed to see if I liked the office and left my other job for this (crap?)

Monday, I over heard the office manager (which is suppose to be a managing member of the LLC), upset that she can’t afford insurance and that she is bitching about the political leaders not pushing this through. Well I’m sorry honey “You are part of the problem” as if you support and defend this company and since you are working as a contactor employee there is no group discount for insurance.

In a way I felt sorry for her. Maybe this is the first time in her life that she is making a decent income…..

Yeah, in theory Obama care is great. However, you can’t plan on something that doesn’t exist!

My issue is that she should have started to work from moving people from “contact” workers to employees. How can she be upset with political leaders and not the owners of the company?

What I almost started to feel sorry for her, but then I remember last week when she was telling me about her taxes. She got a shock in that she had to pay all of her social security and federal taxes! Ouch! There goes a big chuck of all that money.

Yet she still defends the company.

Just makes me think that you ca lead a person to water, but no matter how hard you bitch slap her, you just can’t get her to drink. Or maybe THAT is the issue, drinking TOOOOO much?

Anyway, the good news…even though they might or might not do me wrong (me and hubby are in a good place – its been us vs the worlds since we were 14) I will get a great story out of this….and who knows, I can report them to the IRS as they will lose that little thing of “Employee vs Contract worker”

So stay tune!


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2 Responses to what pisses me off – Stay tune to this RL story!!!!

  1. Berdell says:

    It’s both frustrating and a little funny….straight out of a ‘Seinfield’ episode, or better yet,….Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s On First”! Hang in there Jenn…..it could be worst. When is a contractor not a contractor?

  2. Dick Longfellow says:

    Every manager has to defend the company, or they won’t keep their jobs for very long.

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