not sure about this story – not for those under 18

Shannon loved waking up Saturday morning on her bed, with clean sheets. Okay, there wasn’t anything better then Saturday morning fuck session. Okay, maybe waking up on clean sheets then fucking. After a long work week she enjoyed fucking, rather than making love. The kind where he doesn’t ask to slap her ass while doing her doggie style, and that is what he did.

Some guys just don’t get it, that some times a girl just wants to get done! Luckily for Shannon her boyfriend of six years got it.

Tonight, after he takes her out to dinner, then she will want him to make love to her.

While pondering the thought between making love and fucking, Shannon started to think about one thing Taylor has never tried with her. With out looking at him, Shannon asked, “How come you never try to fuck my ass?” Shannon questioned while wiggling her ass at Taylor. Shannon enjoyed being naked on her bed with Taylor’s cum seeping from her freshly fucked pussy onto the bed. “Don’t you think I have a sexy ass? Why don’t you try to tap that?”

“Excuse me?” Taylor said confused not believing what he just heard. “What did you say?”

Shannon turned to face him. “You heard me! I’m talking about my ass.” Shannon slapped her ass to reinforce what she was talking about. “Why don’t you ever try to fuck it? Did you know that it desperately wants a cock inside it! Why don’t you want to fuck my ass?”

“uhm, okay! Shannon, this is new to me. How was I to know that you wanted me to fuck your ass?”

She hadn’t told him. She shouldn’t have had to. “Well you never tried before, don’t you want to?”

“Of course I want to. Just assumed you weren’t into that and by now you should know that I want to do whatever makes you happy,” Taylor said. “Also, I’m no mind reader!”

“Well I guess it’s just that every guy I ever dated practically begged for anal.” Shannon knew that Taylor had a point but she tried to give him hints by wiggling her ass in front of him, or when she was on top she even tried to guide him into her ass but he shifted his hips allowing his cock to slip into her wet pussy. “I thought that every guy wanted anal sex.” Then she playfully slapped him, “I’ve given you some pretty strong hints!”

“Shannon, some times it’s best to be direct, especially when it comes to things you want. Remember, I’m a guy and some times hints go over my head.”

Shannon knew he had a point, “So tell me, have you ever done that before?” Maybe this is why he never tried before. Oh was he an ass-virgin? That had to be the reason, given the fact of how he just did her so well told Shannon he was definitely into her.

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6 Responses to not sure about this story – not for those under 18

  1. Ron says:

    You are such an awesome writer. More please!

  2. Loretta says:

    SOOOO Jen; do you like it the ass?

  3. George says:

    Good start. I like seeing the raw lustful side of women come out. Seen it enough to know its there. Did you develop into a full story?

  4. Morris says:

    I have to agree with Taylor, we cannot red your mind, be direct and you will get what you want

  5. Loretta says:

    Men should know what a woman likes or wants by thier body language. Women sure don’t have a problem redognizing lust and passion.

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