so I’ve had a dream

about living on a boat. okay its not a little boat but when we were over in Miami a friend of a friend had a Viking 70 foot super sexy boat. thought that could be fun and romantic, to pick up one’s house and just move….



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3 Responses to so I’ve had a dream

  1. Ron says:

    That is one of my dreams too. I wold love to own a 50-60 ft motor yacht and just wander the coast up and down whenever the mood struck.

  2. jeninflorida says:

    not sure that I could do that year round, but it would be fun and a little romantic. maybe a little too expensive?

  3. Ron says:

    Yes it would be expensive, and a BOAT load of romantic! Having a house someplace to base at, a little break from the boat once in a while would be ok. But if the boat is big enough, it would be good too. I mean, all the marinas even have WIFI now too!

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