Some people drives me nuts!

I love part of Literotica but there is a “group” of people on Literotica that is disturbed. I’m not the kind of girl that keeps her mouth shut…one would think by now that I would have developed a taste for leather as my foot seems to find a way into my mouth but I make no bones about that.

For the most part, I try to avoid politics and religion as these are taboo subjects. Guess I’ve said a few things thought that has provided fuel to this character “Disgustipated”.

Starting to wonder that this person is off his or her rocker and I have no idea who they are. I’ve stayed out of politlcal boards for some time, yet, they keep tossing my name into the mix.

Today, after driving around with too many tourist/snowbirds, well I lost my temper.

Hopefully, this “Disgustipated” is harmless and will leave me alone. If not, time to get a Pit Bull.


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One Response to Some people drives me nuts!

  1. Ron says:

    Yep. The drama people are out in force…lol

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