Insomnia, fuel of choice for migraine’s?

Holly crap, 2nd pot of coffee today which will fuel the insomnia tonight but last night I couldn’t sleep and now I desperately need something to kick start my day as I have so much to do. Sadly yesterday only had 3 cups of coffee. Between stress of the holidays, paying taxes and insurance, getting ready for Christmas, and the onslaught of northern family using us as a hotel, one would think that I would be spent.

Just the opposite, my mind starts to race in the dead of night, thinking about my to-do lists and making sure everything is getting completed.

Was it wise to drink so much coffee? Hell, it seemed like the thing to do today around 5am. Why isn’t there anything good on TV? At least I was able to catch up on “The Walking Dead”

Reminds me of a tweet I need to send.

How could they kill off Sophia from “The Walking Dead” …. She almost looked normal walking out of the barn. Was kind of sad that they had to find her THAT way, but what…ever guess no one is safe on the TV show.

Wonder how many people are finished with the gift list for Christmas? I’m so glad that I’m just about finished (only need a gift for the MadSanta) and hopefully we can sponsor another family. Breaks my heart some of the sad stories out there, Christmas is the only holiday that I loved at a little girl. It really wasn’t about the gifts but about all that went with it. So, to know that someone can’t experience that is sad. Drives my husband nuts when I tell him we are going to sponsor one or two more families for the holidays.

Strange I know, but never said that I was anywhere near normal…what ever that is.


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4 Responses to Insomnia, fuel of choice for migraine’s?

  1. @galorac says:

    I think it great that you take the time to sponsor needy families. You’re a wonderful person Jen

  2. Ron says:

    Normal? Who is normal??…lol

  3. Bruce says:

    Learn to be you. The to do lists should be complete when you disrobe and slid between the sheets. The schedule for tomorrow begins when you awaken to today. It is all new and subject to change, just as today was. Relax and rest for a new adventure.

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