is there anything better

Is there anything better than a boat ride at sunset? O

floating at sunset

Is there anything better

h yeah, would have been better if we were on that boat…oh well. Can’t have it all


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2 Responses to is there anything better

  1. Barry Davis says:

    Hi Jenn — Are you really a boater? My significant other and I just sold our 40 foot Sea Ray after spending 20 years on the water — the first eight with other partners on other boats and the last twelve together on Nimue — which was the name of all three of my boats. If there’s a way to send you a picture and if you’re interesed I’ll send you a couple of pictures of Nimue. She was lovely. Her name was taken from Merlin’s last and greatest love and about whom there are wonderful legends and stories. At base, though, she was beautiful and magical and powerful: the perfect namesake.

    What triggered my writing you this note was your comment about the joy of boating at sundown. My single deepest and most magical moment on Nimue (she had three incarnations but she was always “Nimue,” not “Nimue 1” or “Nimue 2,” etc.) happened many years ago when I still had my second boat, a 30′ Doral. I lived on Long Island then but had crossed Long Island Sound the day before to spend the day and night with a woman I was then dating. It was late September and the air after sundown was getting cold. I started home (to Port Jefferson) at around 6 p.m. By 6:30 the sun was on the horizon and the chill was just creeping in. As I remember it, I was wearing a pair of shorts and a bulky sweater. The sun dropped and the lights of the Sound began to come on all around me — but not too close. There were the green and red nav lights of other boats, The white/red/green combinations of masthead lights, a flashing blue of a police boat off in the distance. It was like riding through a Christmas tree. I was running at about 30 knots with the wind blowing my hair and I just began to laugh. Nothing was funny. It was just a moment of such joy that laughter was the only way to feel it all. In all of my years of boating, nothing before that moment or since has matched that few minutes when the sun sank into the Sound and Nimue, me and the lights were all that existed in the universe. Then I reached the breakwater to Port Jeff Harbor and the lights were everywhere on shore and I had to reenter reality. It almost hurt.

    Like you I love twilight on the water.
    Barry Davis

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