Fictional Swappers & Swingers

So, is America ready to read about couples that share? Personally, I hate the word swinger (and we are not swingers) but I do not have a problem with couples that share. After all, what is the divorce rate in America? So if a couple is able to communicate and work through the issues, why not? Isn’t caring and sharing better than handing over your money to a divorce attorney?


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3 Responses to Fictional Swappers & Swingers

  1. Ron says:

    Yes, it sure is.

  2. Jim Black says:

    It’s also an advanced love-style. Most people don’t have the courage to grind through the emotional work & honesty required to make it happen. Big cheers for those who can pull it off!

  3. Barry Davis says:

    I find the term, “Swing,” far too broad. If what we are talking about is partner swaps at a party it has certain rules and expectations and dangers. If what we mean is long term relationships among a group of loving and mature adults, the rules, dangers and expectations are very different. Polyamory and one night stands are not even close to the same thing. For one thing, one of these requires a lot of maturity and giving and sharing and growing on the part of the people involved. The other requires little other than a bottle of wine, a joint or two and two people who only want a quick release: of what is a question. A one night stand works fine for horniness or anger or revenge or for a quick ego boost or for self punishment. Give some thought to how different this all is from a group marriage.


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