Living next door to a NFL stud

Sadly, I wasn’t around when one of my relatives lived next door (or maybe a house or two down) from the great Walter Payton. After reading my morning emails, and all the hype about the big game this Sunday (not sure why I hate Tom Brady, but that’s another story) got me thinking….

Talk about temptation, at least I can see how. These men are in such good shape, are confident and successful (by some of society’s measurements – another story) it’s hard (insert pun) not to find these men sexy.

So, to live next door to one of these people. Let’s face it, most of the guys out there would love it too. Right? Especially if the men clicked! The husband gets a workout partner, this and that. The wife, well she gets her version of Viagra (*snort*)!

So, does temptation lead to a ménage?


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