my Taboo question

Do you get aroused when receiving a massage? come on, be honest!


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8 Responses to my Taboo question

  1. Barry Davis says:

    There is potential but most messages aren’t very arousing. I find that messages are a little like sex. Occasionally just the appearance of the other person brings me to a boil. More commonly, I prefer to get to know my correspondant, to share a thought or an idea or a need or two and then gradually engage. Once engaged, though, the arrival can be very arrousing. The openings set the mood and tone. Quick, unengaged engagement may lead to a “zipless fuck.” These have their place but my experience is that they run dry very quickly. I prefer a longer, more teasing and more round-about beginning.

    I might, however, be aroused by possible answers you might send to this. That choice is yours.


    • Dick Longfellow says:

      Is your name Clouseau?

      • Barry Davis says:

        I tried to read the question without finding my glasses. I had to get very close to the screen so that I could see what Jenn said. As a result I banged my head on my monitor and got a buuuuump that caused me to misread. Interestingly, though, my brain damaged response was not inconsistent with other responses from those with unimpaired vision. As I think about it, the reason for the similarity might be that a message and a massage are both forms of communication and might, sometimes, follow the same paths. Move slowly, develop your theme, get to know the person on the other end of the process. Done properly, either approach to communicating can yield a very happy ending .

        And, by the way, does your dog bite?

  2. Steve DeMascio says:

    Depends on the massusse………………………….]

  3. Steve says:

    Almost every time.

  4. Graham says:

    if you want to truth, the answer is yes and no. Normally, there is a bit of sensuality about it, good strong feminine hands kneading muscles and relaxing me puts me in a kind of alpha state. Only once has there been actual hard sexual feelings and though the resulting intimacy was sweet beyond compare it was only a one time thing that left smile memories.

  5. Dick Longfellow says:

    I want to, in principle, but it just doesn’t seem to work that way.

  6. liquidmatthew says:

    My answer might be biased, because I’ve had interesting experiences as massage parlors before, but generally, if I’m getting a full body oil massage, yes, I get aroused. Just backrubs don’t really do anything for me, though. I *do* get aroused giving massages, though, even backrubs. Fortunately, female friends rarely lean back enough to notice, but I know a few have felt it and commented.

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