CenturyLink lack of human element

So I’ve been battling CenturyLink for over two weeks with internet access. Some reason these pinheads shut off my net access and they can’t tell me why. Then as I start to trouble shoot the issue they blame it on the jack, to the cord, laptop (which I have 2 and a sprint cell phone repeater) to my Linksys router.

how can it be my laptop when I’m using two different (hp and dell)?

frustrating, then why is it that MY house as no internet access but my neighbors does?

I hate it when companies like Centurylink hold customers hostage. They have no incentive to offer human compassion as they know, we the customer is screwed. Hell even most government agencies offer better customer service than Centurylink.

but I guess when customer have little options why does one need to offer good, reliable service?

Centurylink, stop trying to blow SMOKE up my ass


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2 Responses to CenturyLink lack of human element

  1. crumsberry says:

    If your neighbors have internet with the same provider and they are online. Then either Centurylink shut yours off, or there is a problem from your connection outside to your computer. The simple solution would be to eliminate every variable. Reset your Router. Try your laptop somewhere else. Try a new ethernet cord. Tell them to come out and test the jack to your house.

    • jeninflorida says:

      Centurylink responded with “all connections are hardwired and the issue was with a server. your neighbor was connected to a different server.”

      personally, I think Centurylink was blowing smoke up my ass

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