Crotch-less, or just skip the panties?

This is a quick and dirty post; and trying to return to life after a monster migraine yesterday.

One of the things that turns guys on is when they find out a woman isn’t wearing any panties. Another turn on for men is when a woman is wearing pantyhose, not sure why men have such a thrill about this one. The reason why I bring up this subject, is that women had to wear pantyhose to smooth out the lines VPL and yes, they do make your legs look better (for many reasons).

Getting back on subject…I’m not a fan of the crotch-less panty. What’s the point?

Do thongs come crotch-less? Would you want them to? How would you even make them?

Guys, what you don’t realize is the art of the date aka seduction, romance, and just plain old set the mood. What I mean by that, is a date can start at 8am, when you start to think about going out and what’s planned for the night.

Second, when we get ready for a date we want to see the look on our man’s face when our LBD (little black dress) hits the floor. We want him to be hungry for us and to (at times) just rip off our clothes.

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m all for wearing a little thong on a date and when you return from the ladies room to hand them to your lover letting him know what you want or if you are really brave and exhibitionist to just place them on the table at the restaurant and wait for the fireworks.


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2 Responses to Crotch-less, or just skip the panties?

  1. Joy says:

    I love this post!
    You’ve got it right on every subject.

    As for crotchless panties, for us women there’s not much point. But in my experience crotchless panties, or any other seductive bit of lingerie, is an acknowledgement his woman desires his cock…..NOW! And who isn’t turned on by being desired? Women are hit on for sex all the time, but guys RARELY have women make it crystal clear we’re ready to fuck NOW! Am I right? Crotchless panties, or panties on the table, make it abundantly clear we’re in the mood. No mixed signals there! LOL

  2. Lee says:

    I hate (well perhaps hate is a bit strong) crotchless panties. They just seem rediculous to me and I actually do not care for panty hose either. What I do like is solid colored, matching bra and panties with a little lace is nice. Thongs are great, granny panties are out…lol. While I’m at it, I will toss this into the mix too. I like big tits, medium tits, and big tits, all equally the same, as long as they are firm, real, and have nice nipples, I’m game for them all. Most of all, I have always liked my women to be in reasonable shape, HWP.

    I would have a heart attack if my lovely wife were to leave her panties on the table as above, a beautiful, sweet, heart attack…lol.

    Great blog and I wish you well
    Take care

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