People are stupid and jealous

I use to be active on this particular web site until some the members became political crazies. These people could really inspire George Romero, not to be confused with the Zombie QB Tony Romo…

Anyway, one of these zombies followed me to twitter and started to make comments about some of the people who follow me and who I follow. Then she started to blast me for being a “bot”…what ever. This person has over time posted pictures and home movies of themselves which to each his or her own, which is the funny part as I think “she” is really the husband desperately seeking attention. This person blasted me for following some female adult movie stars and I’m not sure if its out of jealousy or ignorance…

I just don’t understand why its any of her/his business who I follow! Some people really need to get a freaking life.


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One Response to People are stupid and jealous

  1. Barry Davis says:

    Why do you care? The kind of people who care about you would not be influenced by the ignorance and small mindedness of the ones you describe here. They are weak and small people who only have power over those who give them that power. Don’t empower them.


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