Shocker of a lifetime

So, last night was getting something out of my car (it was dark) and I see someone walking dogs. Well the dogs come over to me and are straining for the owner to allow them to get closer. The little dogs are really cute and friendly, one is a little shy but in ten seconds, they are all over me. then a car goes by and I see who the woman is! Normally, this woman is the cunt of the neighborhood but last night she was actually nice (a little drunk of course).

Some of my gripes about them, her husband is a retired Cop from Mass. They go ballistic about anyone breaking a law or neighborhood rule yet they allow their dogs to bark all day and night. She is a drunk and goes down to Ft Myers Beach and gets wasted, then drives home and lately he’s been doing the same thing. So, x cop who enjoys driving drunk. Not that it really matters as we have soooo many horrible drivers this time of year, and too many senior citizens over medicated and pretty much out of it.

anyway, I would have sworn that my neighbor wasn’t human


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