Every now and then I get a email that makes me laugh. I still have no idea why men have such a desire for hosiery. Not that I’m complaining as any smart woman can use this to her advantage. Let’s face it, we still live in a male dominated world. Sometimes this can be a good thing, as we all enjoy a dominate men in bed, but dominate men can be seduce or made to bend when we need them to. Just the simple things like crossing one’s legs and showing off just a little too much can turn the tables when it comes to negotiating.

So while I don’t understand why men have such a fetish with hosiery, I can only use this to my advantage.

This leads me to fishnets. Now for you men, you have to realize that wearing tights/pantyhose in Florida during the summer, well its just pure torture. When its 93 degrees outside and 99% humidity my crotch becomes an inferno in hosiery bondage. Fishnets allow me to still use the fetish to my advance while keeping my girlie parts cooler.

Just my rant after talking to a Hr person yesterday (male) and “they” have a dress code (stuck in 1950’s – life isn’t the TV show MadMen!)


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