Worlds or Circles that we live in

I’m not sure if anyone can understand this, but how many worlds do you live in? I have my work world, my family world, local friends, friends that we’ve met over the years, internet friends, people that read my fiction, people that are helping me with my fiction…

I do my best to keep my worlds separate as my family is too religious and feel that vampire and zombie are a sin to even talk about let along read or watch a movie.

just my rant before I have my coffee


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One Response to Worlds or Circles that we live in

  1. Roger says:

    I’m glad I accidentally bumped into you while surfing. Your writing is interesting.

    Being self-employed for a few years now, our various worlds have become interestingly intertwined. The line between personal and professional blurred long ago. Sometimes friends become clients, and sometimes clients have become friends. Life evolves into a balancing act, trying to prevent business from interfering with friendships and vice-versa. That can be simple to maintain, and it can be fraught with pitfalls.

    In our case, family is similar to your situation. They are highly religious, and kept very separate from the rest of our lives. We are highly educated with multiple degrees. I’m a scientist and an engineer, religion is a long-studied curiosity to me now. My family does not accept the fact that I renounced religion, so we simply don’t tell them what we do socially. As far as they’re concerned, we where our free time is concerned.

    But after 20 years, we’ve found ways to make it all work. And we’re much happier for it.

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