So mr road rage jackass!

So, doing a little homework found out that the road rage asshole is a Doctor. very interesting, what a self entitled prick and I really wish that hubby would have kicked that guys ass; however I’m sure things world have become very ugly as the guy would have taken us to court for something.

I really find it funny when the cops showed up and hubby was calm cool and collective. with the guy and the cops standing there hubby was referring to the Doctor as princess and “his little girlie car” which was that little BMW with a lawnmower engine. that guy was so pissed by the way hubby was talking to him. doctor john was also demanding hubby call him dr and hubby kept on calling him Dick. would have been even funnier if the guy’s name was Richard…but what can one do?

Anyway, the guy looks like Anthony Weiner and pretty much acted like a penis.


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3 Responses to So mr road rage jackass!

  1. Roger says:

    Did we miss something? I didn’t see a road rage incident. Whatever the case may be, Weiner look-alike or not, it’s too easy to end up on the 6 o’clock news doing that. Too many CWPs out there to be pulling that stuff, regardless of how justified you may feel…

    • jeninflorida says:

      No, hubby didn’t allow it to escalate. That’s the nice thing about having my own personal bodyguard that’s 6’4 and intelligent. Plus, I think hubby was too busy laughing at the little Dr. Jackass to get into a fight. He knew from the moment we saw the guy he was either a Dr or Attorney and he totally looked like that ass Weiner and just as pompous.

      While I really wanted hubby to kick the shit out of that troll, it would only have made things worse and been one ugly court battle. Plus since the police were coming, I think the cops take both parties to jail and I wouldn’t want hubby to spend time in jail (even if it wasn’t his fault)

  2. brad says:

    Your name is familiar.

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