Open Relationship vs Affair

I’m not one to tell others what to do and my sadbox is far too dirty to make comments about others.

With that said, I’ve watched so many couples break up due to an affair. Think it’s only human nature to check out the menu but does one need to sample that menu? In real life I’m so anti affair (but it is hot for erotica) and think that couples need to communicate and talk about things.

Swinging, oh how I hate that world, is not for everyone and now everyone has to do the same thing as others. For example, some couples want to have one nightstand with other couples while other couples might be more comfortable finding long-term playmates. Some couples might be comfortable including a woman while others might enjoy adding a single man.

Affairs are ugly and nothing good will come from it. Sooner or later the truth about an affair comes out. So, should couples share? We all look at others and some times wonder how that person might be in bed.

Can couples share?

This is hard question and one must talk, talk, and talk with his or her spouse. Each couples has to find their own comfort zone and do their best to keep that ugly jealousy monster at bay.

Avoiding the day after hang over.
So many couples jump into sharing with out talking or thinking things through while others jump into it trying to save a marriage. Both cases will end up in disasters.

If a couple is curious, talk, talk and talk. Then find people are you are attracted to and take things slowly. Baby steps help you explore things with out going so far that you destroy your marriage.

Can open couples enjoy 30 year marriages?
Not sure, but why not?

Just my thoughts…

Now my Mental Image of a ‘swinger’
Now, when someone says the word swinger a mental image of Burt Reynolds pops in my head. Maybe it’s a scene from the movie Boogie Nights. But when people talk about swingers I think about Burt coming out of a hot tub, only wearing a cowboy hat and boots.


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One Response to Open Relationship vs Affair

  1. Roger says:

    We’re 20 years deep. 11 years married. 10 years swinging. Love it. Lots of one-nighters, lots of long-term friends… plenty of awesome memories. And some bad stuff… which we learned from and moved on. Still going strong, having fun, and in love with each other. We just like to read the menu… and once in a while, we order something different.

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