My challenge when it comes to writng.

Maybe it would be easier to list my faults when it comes to writing:

I don’t see the words on the screen – as I write it’s almost like I’m watching a movie in my mind.

Tense. Due to my lack of writing education I jump back and forth when it comes to tense. I’m having a real struggle with this. Mentally I struggle as I want to tell the story like its happening but from a story-telling standpoint, think its best to tell a story in past tense.

Wasn’t a reader till the past couple of years! That’s insane. A person that doesn’t have the time to read; should have the time to write. Its great to “trouble shoot” a book and go over and over parts of it to see what the author did and how they did it. some books I can read in a day, while others takes me a month. Crazy!

I’m such a prostitute for feedback. Some of my gf’s love to flash, so I guess that means I love to flash my fiction to get my mental rush. Just wished that I could watch more people’s reactions as they read my fiction. Oh wait, is that a good thing? hum?!?


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2 Responses to My challenge when it comes to writng.

  1. raygold00 says:

    Amazing isn’t it! 🙂 Good Work!!

  2. RG says:

    Well my little prostitute, I try to let you know my reactions to what you write. They usually involve fantasies about you in your story…lol. But, Its not all you. Most people can not edit what they write.

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