My first ménage novella

What to do! I realize that my story does not have a thick plot line. My novella is about a happy couple that communicates well and after time one of the husband’s fantasies “grows” on the wife. A journey if you will, into expanding their sexual experiences together!

Yes, that is taboo.

Oh and I realize that is very taboo to include a third that happens to be a male.

My story is about a positive experience with a couple that shares their feelings and desires and opens things up in a fun way. We all have fantasies, but most are unable to talk about them.

16k words, give or take a few…


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7 Responses to My first ménage novella

  1. Ken says:

    I have read your stories and love them. I also write on Lit. under the name scorallover. I would love it if you were to check them out. Strangely enough one of the characters in my new series is named Jennifer. I always wonder how far to push my reader when it comes to fantasies. Then there are times when I wonder if I delve too far into my characters. I finally decided to just let it flow.

  2. jeninflorida says:

    awesome! I’ll have to check you out.

  3. Steve says:

    All good writers engage in research. It appears you and your husband should explore the option of fulfilling his fantasy while you gather the basic material for your novella. Long discussions and selecting the right “research subject” and “laboratory setting” should provide hours of fun for both of you.

  4. HotCuckold says:

    Jen, if you ever need subject matter to interview, please let me know, we have been in a cuckold marriage for over 10 years and we are extremely happily married.

  5. Bill says:

    nothing wrong with a menage.. my wife and I have shared many of them., We love it. It has really opened us up to our most intimate desires and fantasies.

  6. sharegia says:

    You need some tips, or just a reader? You’ve got my email

  7. TallLightHandsome says:

    I think you shuold be the first vanilla writer to break the ice about male chastity play. In your story, the husband should get more and more addicted to, yet conflicted about, his wife’s cuckolding activities until she locks him up in a male chastity device to help him go through with his fantasy. Then she just keeps him locked as she too gets sucked into the lust.

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