sign of our Times

Guess you can say that I’ve had my blinders on for some time. Today, I came in contact with two couples buying food with food stamps. Yeah, this isn’t new but its becoming a common sight these days.

Will America ever be a great place again? Or has our time past!

How did things get this bad? How did we fall off the track? Washington DC is broken and out of touch, will things start to improve next year? Is there any hope?

Hard to imagine, that less than ten years ago “Whole” communities (2,000 units) would sell out in two days. Where did the good times go? Will they ever come back?

Today, it seems that we all are working harder and less “happy” and more stressed. I should have been a socialist as these things (and many other things peek my interest). Seeing that the political season has started and started “ugly” with negative ads coming out, well, watching TV will only become depressing unless you have HBO. Thank god for True Blood, and The Walking Dead (no, I don’t mean our political leaders).

So, back to my topic, seeing these young couples with kids buying good with “food stamps” is sad comment on society. Its heart breaking and can’t imagine how hard their lives are.

Anyway, this was just my ramble convulsions of words


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One Response to sign of our Times

  1. Barry Davis says:

    There is so much here that I don’t know where to begin. In one of the courses I teach we explore many of these issues. I think that your sense of things being broken is very accurate and Your sense that it may not be fixable is accurate, too. This may depress you even more but I think it may have to get worse before it gets better. The majority of Americans are still hunkering down and hoping that they will survive intact until this wave of misery passes. I don’t think that, this time, it’s going to get better for the masses. We have returned to the attitudes and economics of the late19th and early 20th centuries. Our population, exhausted and frightened and horribly under educated, is about to make our leader a member of and representative of the 1%. Until the masses — people like you and me — are ready to fight back we will continue to be eaten alive. We are not ready yet. My generation tried. We won some battles. The generation after mine squandered the few victories we’d won. The next generation, my daughter’s children, don’t know how to fight.

    Does my use of the word ” fight” make you uncomfortable? I find that most young people cringe at the idea.

    The world has been here before. My guess, from reading your work and blog entries, is that you can be very whimsical at times. If I’m correct, get a copy of Lewis Carol’s “The Walrus and the Carpenter.”. It’s usually treated as a childre’s poem and it is on one level. Read it as political satire, though, and it takes on whole new levels of meaning. In the poem, the oysters never did learn to fight back and so, “they’d eaten every one.”

    And finally, I would love to continue this with you as a discussion rather than a monologue. You can find me on Face Book under my real name or my on line name, Merlyn Emrys. Perhaps we could “chat” there. I won’t attempt to “friend” you. That would be presumptuous. I hope that you will make the offer.


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