feeling kind of blue

there was this little lizard in my bathroom this morning, he was walking around and such. I should have made hubby catch him and free him (aka put him outside).

anyway, I just buried the little guy. should have done something to save him. everything has a right to live and I could have saved him…

eyes swelling up


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2 Responses to feeling kind of blue

  1. Barry Davis says:

    Why did he die? I can’t imagine that you precipitated his demise. It’s not in your nature. He might have been I’ll or old or massively depressed and simply willed himself to die. Your assumption that you could have saved him and, therefore, your sense of guilt at not acting to save him may be misplaced. You are very young and so it is not surprising that you still have this sense that things beyond your control could be fixed if only . . . (you complete the sentence). From where I sit, it is enough that you mourn the passing of a fellow creature. Your tears add to your beauty.


  2. Dick Longfellow says:

    What, hubby stomped on him and left him for you to bury ?????

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