Need your help, question, for a new chapter

I have this character, Shannon, that had a normal life until she entered the work force and became a work-o-holic.  After a couple of years she’s taking a hard look at her life and wondering if there is something else out there?  Her friends are getting married, and more interesting to Shannon having wild passionette sex.  Shannon hasn’t enjoyed a man in her bed for over two years…


After having a Lunch date with a gf, who is just like Samantha from ‘Sex and the City’ gets Shannon thinking…what she is missing….and she starts to notice things…she feels that everyone is having wild hot sex except for her.


While out on a blind date at a fancy restaurant, she goes into the restroom and discovers something…..the question is who should be doing it?  two women?  Two men?  guy and a girl?  Should she watch?


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3 Responses to Need your help, question, for a new chapter

  1. I vote two women, and she should watch.

    • Barry Davis says:

      Watching only tells you what you like to see, not what you like to do or have done to you. Just from a male viewpoint, watching another guy making love to a beautiful woman is not even close to what it feels like when her nipple hardens against my tongue .


  2. Barry Davis says:

    Answered by email. If it doesn’t arriv, please let me know.

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