Imagine today, if 911 never happened….

What would the world look like today?  Would we not have entered two wars?  Would the stock market still have crashed?  Would we still be living in a recession?  Would there have been a President Obama?


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One Response to Imagine today, if 911 never happened….

  1. Dick Longfellow says:

    Probably would have no excuse for the two wars.
    Real estate would have crashed — it was a bubble: appraisals were inflated to accommodate inflated lending which allowed prices to inflate; mortgages that had to default were packaged as AAA+++ securities. It was unsustainable. I think there were even literal Ponzi schemes involved. Insurance on all the packages was covered by AIG, which couldn’t cover them all. Stocks and recession followed real estate inevitably, inexorably, as night follows day and vice versa.
    Obama yes, the Repubs had already had two terms, and McCain/Whatshername didn’t inspire most of us. Obama does make a much better speech, which is what counts at election time, and America wanted its first black president. I don’t see any connection between Presidential elections and 9/11, except that without it, Bush may not have gotten re-elected.

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