What is your Ménage comfort level

So, having friends read one’s fiction is a good and bad thing.  First what a person writes might not be another person’s cup of tea.  Second, how honest will that friend be (will they lie to save feelings)?  Lastly, do you want your friends to read what you write?


Do people ask Steven King if he goes around chopping people up?


Yet, when someone reads my erotica, they automatically assume things….


Back to my point, in my story I have this guy that is an arrogant ass that feels he is god’s gift to women.  We all know that man….


In my book a woman see’s our main character in trouble as this ass is pressing hardcore…so she goes over and does something …. Something that should make him run away.  She walks up to her, kisses her on the lips.  not filling with passion or heat, but for show.  To make the ass, stick his tail (pun) between his legs and run away.


Well, my gf didn’t like the kissing part and said, “I’m not in to bi sexual woman”


But that isn’t what that chapter is about!  So, would something like that, turn you off to a book?  Would you want to read more?  Would you want to see the Ass get his!?




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4 Responses to What is your Ménage comfort level

  1. RG says:

    I personally like the idea/ I would read more.

  2. afteroldjoe says:

    I don’t care who reads my stuff. If they’re not into the subject matter, they can politely decline. I write menage and BDSM all the time, but most of my stuff is fun and usually the people either are in love or fall in love.

  3. Robbie Cox says:

    Write what works for the story. Some will like it and some won’t. Does it fit? Then use it.

  4. liquidmatthew says:

    I’ve shared my stories with friends, usually to good reactions, and since I talk about sex with them already, it’s not like they suddenly realize I’m a pervert after reading. They already knew that. Luckily none of my friends who have characters or scenes based off of them have read my stories yet…

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