Neverending darkness, restless mind

Well, seems that I’m in my cycle again of not being able to sleep.  I really need to keep a journal to keep track how often this happens.  Then see if this ties in with me getting migraines.  Flog I hate migraines but thankfully have a wide variety of tools to fight them!


So I was up most of last night and finally able to fall asleep around 3 or so.  Our Pug loves to get up at 6am and he has a built in alarm clock.  Sadly he never sleeps in, nuts!


Woke up today and couldn’t drink enough coffee as it just wasn’t working.  Maybe I need to grow a new set of kidneys and Liver, or whatever organ that allows the body in intake caffeine.  I digress, so I finished a story and emailed it off to my editor and like a good girl I walked down to the gym and worked out.  An hour later, and hopefully a couple of pounds lighter I’m back.  Maybe this will break my cycle and allow me to sleep tonight?


Anyway, this in my rant




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