Lost my mojo

One of the things that has me a little down, is, well people. I wanted to work with someone to help me marking my books but so far three people have flaked out on me. I started working with an editor and we work very well together. However, she had surgery last month and is struggling to recover. She almost lost her life. Sad. I have another editor that I work with but she’s lost in family drama.

So I’ve lost my focus and mojo. Projects are stalled (on writing) and now I’m worried about the recession thanks to all the negative political advertising.

What’s selling? Where should I focus my attention (erotica, zombie, vampire, main stream fiction….)?


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3 Responses to Lost my mojo

  1. RG says:

    I wish I could help you. Your writing, as you know, fascinates me, and I would love to help. I only wish I could. We would have alot of fun together.

  2. ernie robins says:

    with the best selling books being 50 shades of gray……. erotica……..there is a thirst for good stories with strong character in the story line…….just my thoughts…..pull back an look around
    there are plenty of great things going on……

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