Murder and Erotica

So can erotica and a murder go together?  Maybe a spouse wants to escape a marriage and takes a lover…and that lover takes our the spouse?  And what if the naughty spouse uses sex to entrap her lover….


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3 Responses to Murder and Erotica

  1. ekisjan says:

    Shut up and take my money already.

    You know, as much as I love reading erotica, I honestly had my fill. Even with the erotica explosion happening now, finding an interesting read is difficult. And by interesting I do mean raunchy but at least have some sort of a plot to your story. And not the hot man meets hot woman and they get all hot and bothered.

    I am currently reading Snuff by Terry Pratchett. If you do not know Pratchett, he writes the Discworld novels. It is set in a fantasy universe, with dragons, trolls, dwarves, wizards etc, but it is not always the Lord of the Rings type of books.

    His Sam Vimes books for example reads more like a very imaginative murder mystery. And this mixture of genres is what makes him legendary. If more erotica readers can do something similar…

  2. Dick Longfellow says:

    Have you seen “The Last Seduction” ?

    Spoiler: Boy meets girl, girl dominates boy, boy falls head-over-heels for girl, girl uses boy to help murder her ex-husband, girl frames boy.

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