America – land of the lush

I really loved the movie “Less than Zero” and last night 20/20 or something like that is going to have a news show about America being the land of drunks … more or less.  When in college and after college people are binge drinking. Hell, one group has blackout parties where you drink till you black out.  Interesting, not sure that anyone knows when he or she blacks out.


So I have more than enough personal experience and can borrow experiences from my friends to write a book/movie just like “Less than Zero”


I like the idea, but unsure. Thoughts?


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One Response to America – land of the lush

  1. Dick Longfellow says:

    “Less than Zero” has been written, but you could write “More Imaginary than i”

    (ask a math major to explain it to you)

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