Erotica – just sex or is there room for a story?

I will admit it that I tailor a story to where or who will be reading the story. When I know that a story will be read by mostly men, well I’m raunchy and focus less on what the characters are feeling. at times, I worry that this will typecast me…


So now as I work on expanding my fiction and venture into books, I’m injecting more of a story (plot, drama, feelings, emotions, sub plots) into stories, well this IS a lot harder and takes a lot more time.


Thankfully, I can still rush and crank out 3,000-10,000 a day as I found a team of editors to help me.  I have a team member that will read what I just wrote and point out missing elements. Then have two team members that help with the grammar and flow of a story. Sadly, both of these team members have had some health issues as of late.  One, almost died after her surgery and thankfully is finally recovering.


The number of erotic ebooks being published these days is mind blowing. Granted many of these books suck, hopefully these crappy ebooks will not turn readers off to ebooks.


I’m curious though, if a story (plot, conflict, drama, sub plot, well developed characters) has some erotica in the ebook, will the average reader be turned off?


I for one, hate it when Jackie Collins gets to the characters “doing it” and the chapter ends.  I want more!  Guess I’m a closet voyeur





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One Response to Erotica – just sex or is there room for a story?

  1. jibarican says:

    There is room for a well developed story in erotica, though lately I’ve began to ask myself if I really do know what erotic stories really are. I tend to think of it as a regular movie, a plot, a scene if necessary, and so on. Rather than a porn flick where its action all the time. BTW, I do like being left hanging, but only if the scene was worth the reading. 😀

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