Someone not everyone can say this ?!?

Okay, I am a dork.

My girlfriends came out over the weekend and they wanted to watch sunset. Which was all fine and dandy and they were all enjoying their wine. who doesn’t just need me and their wine? anyway, the no-c’ems were out. not sure how to spell the little bug, they are about the size of a .5mm pencil lead, anyway they were out in force biting us. So one of my girlfriends got the idea to jump into the golf. Needless to say we didn’t want to get our clothes wet… off came the clothes and we jumped into the gulf to watch sunset.

And as I’m running in I noticed my new neighbor about 150 yards away. Hence, not everyone can say that a billionaire has seen them naked but he saw me and my three gf’s… he also saw hubby.


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