Family, what can one do about them?

So we are going to have some family over for the football games on Sunday.  Sadly, I have a very clueless out-law (okay in-law) that is just freaking clueless. Here is my grip, when the games are on he will completely ignore his child. She’s 8 or so and full of energy. The typical kid.


Well we don’t have kids and not use to being around kids….issues…….


The problem is, as she is being ignored well she becomes more of a …well brat. She is attention starved. Yeah her parents work hard this and that but I do not feel its my job to watch her. So I’m busy dropping hints to him about Sunday. I’m also trying to figure out what his wife and mother in law are doing on Sunday as to why cant they have her…..


Again, its not that she’s a bad kid, she’s just attention starved and I feel guilty for ignoring her and that pisses me off.


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One Response to Family, what can one do about them?

  1. ekisjan says:

    Allow me a lengthy comment:
    I am a bit of gaming freak, having never gone more than a week without playing games. Hence, I owned almost every console available in South Africa.
    A few years ago, a woman whom I did not know, came for a visit with her son. As soon as she saw my Saturn, she latched onto that thing like her life depended on it. Her son was ignored for an entire bloody day!
    I never felt like pissing on a console as much as I did on that day! So I do feel your pain…

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