New Title for my book!

So, I’ve been writing this new book and not only does it have my full attention but it has me energized.  Well as much as I can be…due to this freaking sinus head thing going on. So currently this book is 78k words long and about this couple that is building an adult resort on Burges Island here off the coast of Florida.


While working on this book, my mind started spinning and churning and in the words of Eemerald “Bamb” and it hit me like a brick wall about book 2!


So, we have Sex, Drama, Sex, Conflict, scheming, Sex, and a happy ending (okay not just the ending but all through out the book there are many)


Oh for the love of ill used puns


Anyway, I came up with the name of book 1


“In the Game”


And then book 2 will be: “End Game”


And the third book will be called: “Surviving the Game”


Oh, for the love of drama!


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One Response to New Title for my book!

  1. Rod says:

    “Sex, Drama, Sex, Conflict, Scheming, Sex, and a Happy Ending” sounds like a saleable title.

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