Another interaction with a bully

What I find interesting with these people, is how they will use anything to justify their harm to others. In so many ways, they lack basic human skills and traits. Since they are mentally damaged they must resort to physical and or mental abuse to prop themselves up in a desperate hope to feel better.


Guess the sad part is how damaged these people are and how desperate their life has become. What they need is a little reality and then time with a psychologist how can hopefully get these people chemically balanced.


What I’ve learned this week is that the best interaction with these kinds of people is to spot the traits early and if you can’t help them (ie they do not want to be helped) avoid them at all costs. they are boat anchors and will bring anyone and everyone around them down.


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One Response to Another interaction with a bully

  1. Darius says:

    Sorry you’re having issues with idiots Jen. Hope they go away and let you get back to being the ray of sunshine you normally are soon!

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