Winter…MIA this year?

Hello, and sorry for being such a slacker these past couple of weeks….


As many of you already know, well we have some changes and hubby and myself have been working our butts off trying to build up our nest egg and get ready for the financial impact of ObamaCare. No, this isn’t a bitch about obamcare, as it is what it is, but its going to cost money and we are just getting ready. I’m not one to bitch about the past, as what good does that do?


Anyway, I’ve been doing some fun projects and started writing a sales book as so many people are clueless when it comes to sales. I’m not one of those people that think sales people are born. I think anyone can become a salesperson and the great thing about sales is the endless possibility of income. Secondly, if a person can sell well you can pretty much live anyplace you so desire. Options are good and I know when I don’t have any options…well its kind of depressing and puts me in a bad place.


So, hopefully two of my projects will be completed and will free me up to get back to writing….and sleep. Nothing better than working off 8 hours of sleep (over three days)….


About jeninflorida

I love to write and share
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