Something you should know about me

I have no idea how talking about politics has become so nasty.

Why or how did talking about politics become so dangerous? God forbid you say something as simple as “I’m not a fan of Obama” and people will call you either a racist or try to physically assault you.

I don’t see what the big deal if someone is Red or Blue as long as they are pro American and Pro Capitalism. Just to kept this short, by no means do I support a system where we do not help those who are struggling; however, welfare and other entitlements should never be a career option. Safety nets are great and I support them, but we’ve gone so far left in this that even I have family members who use entitlements as “career” options as they can make almost the same amount of money by taking cash jobs and entitlements. If you are unable work, fine. Society should support you. If you chose not to work (you are on your own).

On the flip side, I’m not one to give something out for free. The proverb, “better to teach someone to fish, then give them McFish Sandwiches…..” yeah, I realize that this is more expensive but wouldn’t you rather help a family move up in life then stay in what I call “slavery”?

Just to be clear, I’m very anti government and outside of military feel that we have way to many people in government…and way too many people that are just putting his or her time in so that they can collect a pension. This is wrong, and pisses me off when I pay my property taxes…income taxes.

My last blurt, is there still a middle class? While pro obama people are shouting about how well the stock market is doing, but who is benefiting from this? Are you? I’m not?!?

Sadly, I think Obama has destroyed the middle class and now we have the wealthy getting wealthier, and everyone else struggling to make ends meet.

Post or email me if you agree or not agree. If we talk on the phone, I never raise my voice over such silly things like all my silly words above. My point, talk not bitch. Tell me how you feel, not demand I need to be like you and support your views. Different people with different ideas, different histories, different views make for a better America.

Hopefully, winds of change will come and America will have better days ahead of her!


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11 Responses to Something you should know about me

  1. Walt says:

    Good Morning Jenn,
    There are intense feelings and over the top reactions on both sides today. Vitriolic as it feels today, things in our past have often been even more intense. Political debate today, as strongly charged as it certainly is, is in reality more civil that it was for most of our history.
    So the reactions you have received are not new or unique to either side.
    I would contend that someone can even be a patriotic, honorable American and even be opposed to Captialism. Capitalism has some very real faults and some people will focus on its faults, not on its strengths. I, along with the vast majority of American believe in Captialism.
    In your 3rd paragraph you concede we as a society should help or support those who are struggling. And almost every American shares that basic belief.
    So the debates are less about absolute philosophies, than about degree. How many limitations and controls should we put on Capitalism to help to limit or prevent the excesses inherent in completely unfettered capitalism? How much we, through our government, help those in need? I am a liberal/progressive and a lifelong voter for Democratic candidates so I suspect that you and I would disagree about the degree of control we should exert on Capitalism and how much we should help people in need, but we both agree that Capitalism is our preferred economic system and that we should help some people in some way.
    And I hope it wouldn’t surprise you to know that I am as opposed to people abusing our social welfare programs as you are. I see people gaming the system and playing the rest of us for suckers who are just giving them free stuff. And I want those people off my back. And almost all of the programs you might be thinking about are really designed to minimize the number of people who are taking advantage of the system. I would support any effective effort that would get the leeches out of those programs while still helping those who are genuinely in need. And I think the most of those systems have made progress in purging the leeches. People on both sides of the political spectrum can work together to do more.
    But I don’t really understand the whole concept of being anti-government though. You and I are communicating using a system invented by government scientists. We drive on roads built by governments. The monies we pay to governments at every level are used to enable economic growth and keep us safe and keep us healthy and to protect us from other countries and sometimes to protect us from our neighbors.
    What part of government do you think we should simply do away with? And do you think eliminating that part of government completely will actually help us as a people do better or will actually help you as an individual do better?
    You and I agree that the rise in stock market values doesn’t help the middle class. You and I might also agree that the expansion of corporate profits to record levels is also not helping the middle class. I believe, and think I could convince you, that the concentration of wealth in this country is both at historic highs and probably the biggest reason we middle class is struggling.
    But I don’t quite see where you see the President’s hand in the destruction of the middle class. His proposals have mostly been focused on helping and preserving the middle class. Had he actually been able to get more of his agenda through Congress I think the middle class would be stronger now than it is. What policy of his do you see as helping to destroy the middle class?
    Obamacare is designed to reduce or even remove the threat to the middle class that comes from rising health care costs and the fears of economic catastrophe that come with being with marginal health insurance or no insurance at all.
    The Stimulus bill that he got passed in 2009 contained middle class tax cuts and government spending designed to protect or create 2 to 3 million (mostly) middle class jobs.
    And after inheriting a $1.3T deficit in 2009, President Obama has shrunk the deficit every year he has been in office to the point that, as a percentage of the overall economy, it’s about half as big as it was when he took office.
    I promise not to yell at you or curse you or even call you names and I promise to come at you with facts not opinions or sillyness that somebody sent me over the interwebs.

    This should be fun



  2. Ernie says:


    WOW! I know I’ve always LOVED you as an author from way, way back on ES, and having just read your blog, I LOVE you even more as a patriot! I agree with everything you say and get more worried every day with our government restricting us more and more every second!

  3. Owen says:


    Over on the Literotica forums you constantly bitch, compare Obama to Hitler, and verbally degrade liberals in the nastiest, most mean-spirited way possible. You call people names, spam the name-calling really. You almost never back your arguments with facts and immediately launch personal attacks at anyone who uses actual facts or data. Now you’re blogging, asking where the civility is and take the moral high ground?

    Are you serious? This is the most two-faced, jaw-dropping hypocrisy I’ve seen in a while.

  4. Ernie says:


    Just ignore ignorance!

  5. Walt says:


    Any chance of a reply to my comments?

  6. M says:


    Basing my comment on your original commentary: Capitalism does not have faults, people have faults. As an exercise of purely academic thinking, “capitalism” is the most righteous form of economy one could ask for. You work hard and you receive the fruits of your labor. This was proved by William Bradford when the original colony was set up. A “socialized” model of commonwealth was adopted and it failed because nobody wanted to work harder then the next “guy”. When the plan was abandoned to a capital system they were able to generate enough food for the colony to make it thru the winter and have stores left over.

    The Capital ideal is pure. It is the greed in the heart of many that upsets the balance. Here-in is where I must disagree with Jen. She states a belief that WE must help those in need. As individuals, I agree. As a society I believe that “help” should come from private sources, not government. Government (I’m speaking at the federal level) is responsible ONLY for the protection of the states and the mitigation of disagreements between the states. The Federal Bureaucracy we see now is wholeheartedly the result of “socialized greed”.

    I doubt you could expound upon your belief that a person could be Patriotic (in a purely American sense) without capitalism. Capitalism BUILT this country like NO OTHER country in the history of MAN. We are because of CAPITALISM. It is no doubt you pronounce yourself a democrat and liberal and have such misguided beliefs about economics.

    I would heartily encourage you to read a bit from Karl Popper, Alexis de Tocqueville and John Locke. Clearly you don’t know what CAPITALISM truly entails.

  7. Barry Davis says:

    I would argue with you but it would be pointless. You have made Capitalism a religion in your own value system. I think it was Jonathan Swift who said that, “it is impossible to use logic to convince someone to give change a position not arrived at using logic in the first place. You appear to,believe that’ There is no God but Smith and Rand is his profit”.

  8. don says:

    its good to see a florida girl. i live near daytona . where r u?

  9. Barry Davis says:

    I should have been clearer. My comment about M’s devotion to capitalism was directed at M, not Jenn or anyone else.

    • M says:

      ONLY free market economies provide freedom for EVERYONE (including you). Free market economies can only occur in a capitalist society, not communist or socialist because then they are bound by the tyranny of another power – government. They cannot occur in theocratic society because they are then bound by the hierarchy of the mosque, church or synagogue. Your devotion to the altar of the lord barry and his socialist-minded “crony capitalism” may endear you to the unintelligent sheeple among us, but it doesn’t explain how you co-opted religion with the right of man to profit from his own toil (labor/toil = profit thus is capitalism).

      I’d like for YOU Mr. Davis to provide evidence that I made any reference to religion being at the behest of commerce. God is God, and Man is a product of a loving God. That is MY belief. In no place am I even asking you to accept it.

      Like my original statement asserts, but now to you Mr. Davis “Clearly you don’t know what CAPITALISM truly entails.”

      Happy new year

  10. Walt says:

    Your argument is almost funny. You claim that the original colony under William Bradford was some sort of socialized model of commonwealth and that it failed because nobody wanted to work harder than anyone else since that extra work would not be rewarded. And without accepting or denying your reading of that part of our history, it is true that Communism’s fatal flaw is that it requires that some humans contribute more to society that it gives back to them, and not enough people are willing to put in that extra effort. Human Nature is not a Bug in the Communist model, it’s a feature and a fatal feature at that.
    And then you argue that Capitalism is some sort of pure system without faults. And then you claim that any problems with Capitalism are the result of the greed of some members of society. So you are claiming that human nature is a bug in capitalism but that human nature is a fatal feature in Communism.
    Not surprisingly I disagree. Unfettered, unregulated Capitalism is a disastrous system that will inevitably lead to Gross inequalities in wealth and income creating massive wealth for the few and poverty and privation for the rest. And that is because Greed is a central part of human nature, and so Greed is not a Bug that somehow prevents Capitalism from working right, GREED is a feature of Capitalism. Greed is perhaps the central feature of Capitalism. To claim that “Capitalism does not have faults, people have faults.” and “The Capital ideal is pure. It is the greed in the heart of many that upsets the balance.” is to ignore the simple reality that Capitalism is essentially a greed based economic system.
    That being said, I am a capitalist. I agree that a capitalist system creates more national wealth than any other economic system that I know of. But capitalism must be managed to curb its inherent excesses.

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