Family – wishing for a divorce

Once again, my SIL comes down and is a complete train wreck. She doesn’t plan and acts like nothing is wrong…needless to say almost everyone is uncomfortable as my hubby is popping off at her.

Its hard to keep my mouth shut cuz after a week with her, well I’m on my last nerve. She doesn’t plan ahead, its scattered, always late, never thinks about how her actions are causing problems for others and is just one selfish self centered bitch….oh yeah and she wants us to “invest” in her latest venture.

I’m sorry, but you just lost your house there is no way we would ever give you a dime. its one thing to mooch a free weeks vacation…I hope she found a ride to the airport…

Example today, we were scheduled to leave on the 11:30 ferry…course she wasn’t ready. God only knows what the hell she was doing…then acts all surprised when the boat leaves with out us. So we catch the next ferry…2 hours later….meaning hubby is eyes can burn steel as he’s so fuming….and SIL is bouncing around like a ball…so we finally get to the other side and she is surprised when hubby gets our car as its small and we can’t fit her, her new boyfriend, her 28 year old son with his girlfriend and 3 year old. hubby course pops off, “Which hotel are you staying at and how are you getting there?”

she comes back with “thought we could stay at your house.”


so we had to make two trips. its one thing to put two more hours on our car making an addition trip home-marina-home…and I’m sure she will not offer to pay fro gas or anything…

her son picked up on the tension and its just getting ugly….

How do people get to be such users? how do they think this is right?

more importantly, how can I put this into a fiction character in a book. Real life is the best place to get ideas for fiction


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4 Responses to Family – wishing for a divorce

  1. Terry Lee says:

    I have a SIL that I would sometimes like to divorce as well…:)

  2. Barry Davis says:

    Here’s a not very intellectual comment — but it’s true. “No one can take advantage of you unless you allow it.” (Ann Landers)

  3. Hey Jen… Chrissie/Naughty Miranda from here. Loving your site and wondering if I can nag you into doing an author interview for us? Thanks! xxxx

  4. cj says:

    When she’s with you, take the opportunity to tell her how she should conduct her life and all the stuff she does that is irritating. Nothing pisses off a pain in the ass know-it-all than being told they know shit. Suddenly she wants to vacation with other friends and family. You can thank me later.

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