a friend was talking about his new relationship


One of our friends was taking about his new ‘complicated’ relationship. It’s always interesting to listen to men talking openly and honestly about relationship and sex (course better after they have a martini in them…lol).


He’s 6’4 and 240 lbs of stud. She’s a petite little thing that’s like 5’2 or so.


He was talking about how he feels when he’s around her, how he’s drawn to her and it always seems whenever they are alone, they are naked within two seconds.



I don’t know how it happens but whenever we hug my hand always ends up under her skirt and her panties are wet. they never stay on long. When I feel her, she’s so tight. I still remember the first time I slipped my finger inside her. Its been years since I felt someone grip me like she did. She was so tight I feared that I was going to hurt her. We kissed for a long time. Her hips were moving as if she was begging for me. I wasn’t sure if I should do it, but lust was in control. slipping a second finger in, I felt something that I only thought happened in penthouse letters. I swear that I felt her opening up!


So course I was interesting in his story…but I just don’t know if I could use language like that or describe sex that way. “opening up” hum….


Anyway, listening to him talk reminds me a lot of when hubby and I were new. The chemistry was explosive and addictive. Not sure if everyone has had something like this, where you can’t control yourself and when the other person is around you…your body just responds in dangerous and embarrassing ways


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