Something you should know about me

I have no idea how talking about politics has become so nasty.

Why or how did talking about politics become so dangerous? God forbid you say something as simple as “I’m not a fan of Obama” and people will call you either a racist or try to physically assault you.

I don’t see what the big deal if someone is Red or Blue as long as they are pro American and Pro Capitalism. Just to kept this short, by no means do I support a system where we do not help those who are struggling; however, welfare and other entitlements should never be a career option. Safety nets are great and I support them, but we’ve gone so far left in this that even I have family members who use entitlements as “career” options as they can make almost the same amount of money by taking cash jobs and entitlements. If you are unable work, fine. Society should support you. If you chose not to work (you are on your own).

On the flip side, I’m not one to give something out for free. The proverb, “better to teach someone to fish, then give them McFish Sandwiches…..” yeah, I realize that this is more expensive but wouldn’t you rather help a family move up in life then stay in what I call “slavery”?

Just to be clear, I’m very anti government and outside of military feel that we have way to many people in government…and way too many people that are just putting his or her time in so that they can collect a pension. This is wrong, and pisses me off when I pay my property taxes…income taxes.

My last blurt, is there still a middle class? While pro obama people are shouting about how well the stock market is doing, but who is benefiting from this? Are you? I’m not?!?

Sadly, I think Obama has destroyed the middle class and now we have the wealthy getting wealthier, and everyone else struggling to make ends meet.

Post or email me if you agree or not agree. If we talk on the phone, I never raise my voice over such silly things like all my silly words above. My point, talk not bitch. Tell me how you feel, not demand I need to be like you and support your views. Different people with different ideas, different histories, different views make for a better America.

Hopefully, winds of change will come and America will have better days ahead of her!

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Hey I’m back!

Hello! How is everyone?

Since winter is back, thought that I better post something to help everyone stuck in the cold. Enjoy this read:

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So sad :( ….

my little guys are sick… poor little Pugs body ….. he’s now a diabetic and trying to find the meds for him. What a pita as Costco and Walgreen’s are out…

Our Boston is 15 and poor little guy has been through so much and basically was a rescued puppie (ugly puppy mill place) but he’s time is coming to an end due to all his medical issues. Poor little guy still wants to play but his back legs are no longer working…

just a downer day….my day off has totally went into the crapper. At least I can help these little guys stay comfortable for some time

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Crap, I have to get my butt moving

I have three books that are nearly finished….but they’ve been sitting on the side line since turkey day and now I have to go read them as I’ve totally forgotten what the books are about…hate when that happens

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Scent vs Smell

So, I was going over my emails and a reader said “I love the way she smells” and that got me thinking…. what does she smell like?


Do you think of smell as a negative thing?  ie…this smells!


Trying to think of other ways to talk about a female character and how her scent turns another person on (male or female) …..



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Winter…MIA this year?

Hello, and sorry for being such a slacker these past couple of weeks….


As many of you already know, well we have some changes and hubby and myself have been working our butts off trying to build up our nest egg and get ready for the financial impact of ObamaCare. No, this isn’t a bitch about obamcare, as it is what it is, but its going to cost money and we are just getting ready. I’m not one to bitch about the past, as what good does that do?


Anyway, I’ve been doing some fun projects and started writing a sales book as so many people are clueless when it comes to sales. I’m not one of those people that think sales people are born. I think anyone can become a salesperson and the great thing about sales is the endless possibility of income. Secondly, if a person can sell well you can pretty much live anyplace you so desire. Options are good and I know when I don’t have any options…well its kind of depressing and puts me in a bad place.


So, hopefully two of my projects will be completed and will free me up to get back to writing….and sleep. Nothing better than working off 8 hours of sleep (over three days)….

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male of female point of view?

Which point of view do you enjoy reading from (Male or Female)?


I’m just curious!!  email me or post here (

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